5th District candidates respond to questions

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The Leavenworth Times
Kevin Braun and Jeff Pittman

State Sen. Kevin Braun is facing a challenger, state Rep. Jeff Pittman, in the race for the 5th District of the Kansas Senate.

The 5th District includes the cities of Leavenworth and Lansing and extends into Wyandotte County.

Pittman currently serves in the Kansas House of Representatives.

Early voting has started. Tuesday is Election Day.

The Leavenworth Times asked Braun and Pittman the same questions. Here are their responses.

Kevin Braun

Age: 52

Political party: Republican

Occupation: Retired Army lieutenant colonel and corporate training manager

Political Experience: Kansas state senator, District 5, 2018-2020

Jeff Pittman

Age: 49

Political party: Democratic

Occupation: Supply chain engineer

Political experience: Elected twice by general election to state representative for Leavenworth (House District 41), voted Best Ambassador of Leavenworth County last four years and 2019 National Legislator of the Year from Educational Theatre Association, IT Executive Council, Joint Committee on Technology, Veterans, Public Safety, Transportation and Agriculture Committees.

Why are you running for the Kansas Senate?

Braun: To provide dignified, results-based representation reflecting my constituents' Kansas values and delivering positive impacts on their lives for the next four years as I have over the past two.

Pittman: In this Senate district, we need someone from Leavenworth County which accounts for 60% of the district. I’ve worked hard every day championing our community needs of our students, our corrections staff, military and veterans, affordable health care options and more. I’d be honored to continue to serve our citizens in this expanded role.

What are the most important issues facing the state government?

Braun: Most important are safety, health care and prosperity including business, taxes and education. We must fund public safety, protect Medicaid and grow business with improved tax policy and an educated workforce.

Pittman: Working through COVID-19, we need proven reliable leadership working on behalf of Kansans to get workers working safely, small businesses access to capital, our kids educated effectively despite the pandemic and help people get access to the affordable health care they need.

Why are you the best candidate for the position?

Braun: My record speaks for itself: 100% attendance, 100% voting, two chairmanships, nine bills passed. My opponent: 28 days missing, 19 votes missing, zero chairmanships, 0 bills passed. Leavenworth deserves better.

Pittman: The son of a combat veteran, I was raised in Leavenworth and took my public education to MIT and Oxford. As your representative, I promised fiscally responsible measures to fix funding for education, KPERs and roads and I kept those promises. Now more than ever we need innovative bipartisan leadership that I bring to the state Senate.