40th District candidates respond to questions

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The Leavenworth Times
David French and Joana Scholtz

State Rep. David French is facing a challenger, Joana Scholtz, in the race for the 40th District seat of the Kansas House of Representatives.

The 40th District includes the city of Lansing and a portion of the city of Leavenworth.

Early voting already is underway. Election Day is Tuesday.

The Leavenworth Times asked French and Scholtz the same questions. Here are their responses.

David French

Age: 73

Political party: Republican

Occupation: Retired military and state representative for the 40th District

Political experience: Current Kansas state representative for the 40th District

Joana Scholtz

Age: 63

Political party: Democratic

Occupation: Retired teacher and veteran

Political experience: President of the local NAACP

Why are you running for the Kansas House of Representatives?

French: Our taxes are still too high mainly because government spending is too high. We have constitutional rights that are being threatened by our government. Government is charged with protecting our God given rights, not infringing on them.

Scholtz: I believe we need to bring nonpartisan, common sense government back to Kansas. We need a representative who listens to constituents and puts people over political party.

What are the most important issues facing the state government?

French: Without a doubt, it is the economy and getting a balanced budget. Kansans and small businesses are hurting from the 2020 state shutdown and we need to safely open Kansas back up for business and the education of our children.

Scholtz: We need to expand Medicaid so that 150,000 hardworking Kansans can have health care. We also need to push for a strong COVID-19 recovery and a cohesive community.

Why are you the best candidate for the position?

French: I have a two-year, 100% voting record in the Statehouse. I am a 26-year Army vet and another 17 years as a senior military analyst. I have a BA in political science and a MBA in business management. My wife and I are 30-year residents of Leavenworth/Lansing. I will continue to work to lower our taxes.

Scholtz: I have a history of service to my community. I have the knowledge, empathy and fortitude needed to provide the citizens of the 40th District with good representation.