LETTER: Mask petition

Joanne Schuler/Leavenworth

To the editor:

There is disappointment in the Leavenworth County Commission, with the exception of Vicki Kaaz, in not supporting a mask mandate. Now we have We the People of Leavenworth County (objection to this inclusive group title as we all live in Leavenworth County). They are initiating petitions to declare the mask ordinances in Leavenworth, Lansing and Tonganoxie unconstitutional. If they succeed in obtaining the required number of signatures for each city, then an election must be held in each city. We, the people of these cities, will bear the cost of these elections.

Please refer to Leavenworth Times columnist Marti Crow’s excellent article in the Dec. 18 edition of the Leavenworth Times. A mask mandate is not a political or a constitutional question, but a matter of life and death. Our city leaders are to be commended for their service to us and passing mask ordinances.

Many of us have lost family and friends to COVID-19. We are all tired of this virus, but wearing masks has been shown to deter the spread. We must listen to our health professionals. None of us have experienced a pandemic before. Basic human decency calls for us to care about each other and do what we can to mitigate the spread of this devastating virus. With the recent initiation of a vaccine starting with first responders, there is hope. Patience is now required until it is available for all of us.

Meanwhile, please do not sign these petitions. Help protect yourself and others by wearing a mask, plus, of course, social distancing and sanitizing your hands. Who among your family and friends would you care to lose?