LETTER: Online post

April Cromer/Leavenworth

To the editor:

There is an old country song that says, “If you mind your own business, you’d be busy all the time.” Perhaps people of Leavenworth County need to take this to heart. I recently read a post on Facebook wherein a county commissioner was publicly bashing a reputable business in Leavenworth.

The county commissioner based the comments on an “extremely reliable” source. As an elected public official, this person should have reached out to the business owner first before slandering. Maybe the county commissioner did. 

I do not get my feathers ruffled with people voicing their own opinions, but to outright cause division without facts as an elected official is an atrocity.

Elected officials are responsible to the public and therefore, we have the right to vote them out. I understand that as Americans we are afforded the opportunity to express our opinions as outlined in the First Amendment. However, city and county commissioner jobs are not to police and publicly cause division among the citizens, but to ensure the best interest. Keep in mind, sometimes decisions made by governments can be wrong; they are, in fact, merely human and subject to error. 

This type of government overreach is exactly what citizens were concerned about with the recent mask mandates, specifically, forcing its citizens to police one another and being encouraged by government officials to do so. If you do not want to shop at a business in Leavenworth, don’t. If you choose to go to another county to shop because you are afraid to shop in Leavenworth, then go. But stop slandering businesses for wanting to make decisions for their own private properties. Equally, stop making assumptions, especially when you do not have all of the facts. Instead of “see something, say something,” you need to start looking at yourself. Just as the song says, “If you mind your own business, you’d be busy all the time.” Commissioner, you need to publicly apologize.