LETTER: Election aftermath

Paul Conway/Leavenworth County

To the editor:

Reading Mr. Kiper’s recent column leads me to the conclusion that at least some Republicans will condone anything the “what’s in it for me” president and his more odious henchmen will do. It is OK for states to sue other states in the Supreme Court regarding how they run their elections. It seems that “willingness to step up and lend their voices to ensure the election was fair” only applies when the state vote goes largely to Democrats. No need for the attorneys general of Vermont or California to sue Kansas or North Dakota to ensure that no irregularities occurred. We are talking about Republican majority states where never is there a hint of voting funny business. The 2018 Ford County action to move polling places to where public transportation did not go was pure coincidence – nothing to do with trying to make it harder for voters without transportation to vote.

It may be legal for AG Schmidt to join the Texas lawsuit but it is neither right nor wise. Since when is it the business of states to interfere in other states’ internal affairs? I’m not surprised that Roger Marshall decided to join the Texas lawsuit. I’m getting a bad feeling about him.

And since when is the will of the people cause to overthrow an election? By that logic, the 41.6% of Kansas voters who did not vote for the president have reason to believe the Kansas election results are invalid, rigged by mysterious forces unknown but all powerful. If Mr. Kiper thinks the national election was stolen, don’t be cute just come out and say so. All but one of Trump’s lawsuits have been dismissed. The illegitimate election theory is a lie, trumpeted by Trump in order to separate the gullible and stupid from their money.

The prospect of contesting the election results Jan. 6 is more worrisome than the mere fleecing of gullible loyalists. Faux populists like Sen. Hawley will polish their credentials with the ignorant at the price of further undermining public confidence in democracy. This whole voter fraud theme is a sign that the conservative party is becoming a fascist party. There are two kinds of Americans, first class citizens, white, wealthy, evangelical and rural whose vote matters, and the rest, brown or Black, urban, poor, less religious, gay, etc., whose vote should not count. I can hear the strains of Horst Wessel already. Great tune but the words need updating.