GEN Z: PBS denounces lawyer’s comments

Chloe Berg
Chloe Berg

In this very political climate, most everyone has strong views about the election and/or other political events. Recently, a PBS lawyer named Michael Beller was caught on hidden cameras saying his political views that some may think extreme. He was caught saying how the government should “de-program” Republican children. “Even if (President-elect Joe) Biden wins, we go for all the Republican voters, and Homeland Security will take their children away.” 

He told this information to an undercover reporter for the conservative muckraking outfit Project Veritas. He continued with, “We’ll put them into re-education camps,” suggesting this was necessary because “kids are growing up knowing nothing but Trump.” 

Beller thought that if the government did not take the children away, “They’ll be raising a generation of intolerant, horrible people – horrible kids.” 

Beller also sounded delighted when discussing a surge of COVID-19 cases in middle America and venting his spleen on “stupid” Americans living outside cities like Washington, D.C. “What’s great is that COVID is spiking in all the red states right now,” he said, explaining that “either those people won’t come out to vote for Trump … or a lot of them are sick and dying.”

After Project Veritas posted the video on the internet, PBS announced that Beller, who had served as principal counsel of business affairs for PBS since 2013, according to his LinkedIn page, “no longer works for” the publicly-funded network. It even belittled his former role, calling him a “mid-level staff attorney” and insisting he did not make “any editorial decisions.” The network stated they “strongly condemn(ed) violence.”

Chloe Berg is a Leavenworth native and student at Benedictine College.