LETTER: The big lie

Paul Conway/Leavenworth County

To the editor:

Mr. Proctor asks to put away the rancor and get about the business of making life better for the American people. I am in full agreement with the latter. But to ignore the crimes at the U.S. Capitol so as to not “further divide the American people?” I say no. The president of the United States unleashed his mob to invade the Capitol and “stop the steal.” He had stoked the lie of a fraudulent election for months. If inciting an insurrection isn’t grounds for impeachment, nothing is.

If the Senate convicts, Trump can be barred from holding office again and lose the privileges ex-presidents enjoy. 

With Trump gone, Republicans will have a chance to become an honorable, principled political party if they so choose. That will take some doing.

Think about the implications of claiming the election was stolen. Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, Jake LaTurner and Roger Marshall piously insist they only object to the election results because of their deep concerns over the integrity of the election. Those “irregularities” only happened in states where Joe Biden won. What they really mean is that, in those states, too many Black people voted. 

White supremacy is the basis of all claims of illegal voting. White supremacy is the founding principle of Trumpism going all the way back to birtherism. The MAGA mob sure felt that way. Any election that doesn’t go the way they want, whiteness entitles them to overturn that election by any means necessary.

If you want to heal the nation, denounce the big lie. The election was free and fair. Trump, ever the despicable, amoral liar who doesn’t care about the effects on the nation, will not admit it. It is up to elected Republicans to step up and convince the saner Trumpists they were lied to. I ask all elected Republicans, was it a fair election or not?