LETTER: Riot reaction

Roger Harrison/Leavenworth

To the editor:

Now we have new government elected by the people in a fair and honest election. If some think that the election was not fair and the election was rigged, it is their right to believe it. I would challenge those who doubt the election to see where their party’s elected officials verified the results, in many cases many times. Now we have the “poor sports” who think that they can overturn the election by force.

Having seen this riot, I would think that I am in a Third World country’s election while serving overseas. To my disappointment, it is my country that has had a coup attempt. This is my country, our country, the United States of America, the one men and women died, served and are serving to defend from foreign and/or domestic entities.

It makes me ill to believe that persons of this country who either saw video, live pictures or heard about the assault on 9/11 at the Pentagon and New York, the Parkland shootings, the Sandy Hook shootings, Nazi labor camps or Andersonville Prison can say that they were staged or did not happen. Then you have a newly elected congresswoman who makes some of those claims. They also add statements in writing about shooting some elected officials. Where are the roots of these issues? Look in the mirror, express your beliefs in peaceful manners and vote.