LETTER: Health care

Barbara Williams/Basehor

To the editor:

Did you know that if our society provides health care for folks in need, that, as a society, we are actually holding them down? We are taking away their ability to prosper when we provide them medical assistance for that cancer diagnosis or that asthma their child has.

If folks work hard and long enough at their less-than-a-living wage job at a local restaurant, they’ll make it, by golly. And by some miracle, they’ll have health care. 

If I were half as good a Christian as Rep. Pat Proctor is, I would know this to be true. Luckily for me, I read the compassionate gentlemen’s Facebook page. He explained it all just the other day when he wrote, “Medicaid expansion … forces our most vulnerable families to choose between health care and growing their lives, escaping poverty and building a future.”

Yep, folks, you can never escape poverty if fellow Kansans help you in time of need. Good Christians, like Rep. Pat Proctor, would never do that to you.