LETTER: Political parties

Patrick Davidson/Leavenworth

To the editor:

Right now, we have two major political parties, the Democrats and the Republicans. Both of these parties are in some level of trouble with their own members, primarily because they have been willing to accept anyone who says they are a member of that party regardless of their leaning on any position. Both are especially eager to accept new members who have money or access to fundraising. 

I have personally been a member of both parties and currently choose not to associate myself with either. Democratic leadership just doesn’t seem to be too smart, doing things that are so blatantly political rather than something that will actually fix a problem or make the life of the citizenry better. Perhaps the symbol of the donkey is appropriate. 

Republicans, however, seem to be in even worse shape. They are struggling to even have a policy. When they allowed Donald Trump to run as a Republican, who has in his time taken positions all over the place, and did not immediately call him out as a liar, they started down a dangerous path. I don’t know if the Republican Party can even survive. Elephants are fighting extinction, maybe that symbol is also appropriate. If there is a Donald Trump Republican Party, maybe their symbol should be a dog, ultimately loyal, and doesn’t care if the master lies to them.