LETTER: Abortion issue

Paul Conway/Leavenworth County

To the editor:

Kansas Republicans have made abortion their top priority with the passing of the “Value Them Both” amendment. So now Kansas voters will vote on this in an August 2022 primary election. By some coincidence, this amendment gets decided in an election that historically sees lower voter turnout.

Contrary to recent protestations, this is about setting the stage to outlaw abortion in Kansas when and if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade. This decision puts the issue back in the hands of states. Republicans are betting that a bill banning abortions would easily pass in the Legislature.

Abortion always seems to come down to two sides. On one are largely old people, usually men, puffed up with smug self-righteousness, proclaiming their concern with the sanctity of life. On the other are usually younger women facing a life-changing decision.

Abortion is indeed a moral decision. If you believe life begins at conception then logically, a woman who ends a pregnancy is guilty of at least manslaughter and therefore should face legal consequences.

Women with resources will find a way to get abortions, usually traveling to states that will allow it. So are you going to block women from traveling? Set up hot lines for pregnancy snitching? The pregnancy police setting up a checkpoint on the Centennial Bridge, pulling women out of cars? When those babies are born, will you force women to keep them? How? Will the state fund new orphanages or expand funds for foster care? Will a Republican dominated Legislature raise taxes to pay for the consequences of outlawing abortions? Probably not.

I have no issue with opposing abortion, certainly not with persuading others not to terminate pregnancies. But using the law to force women to bear children tells me that you believe women are not fully adult humans who can make rational moral decisions. I shouldn’t be surprised. Pro-life is more about control than morality.