LETTER: State of affairs

Ruth J. Heflin/Leavenworth

To the editor:

Rabid Republicans (not real Republicans) have taken over our state and are desperate to ruin our democracy before the next election cycle. 

They have single-handedly attempted to get our largest “flagship” university to delete their Humanities core, the last best bastion of critical thinking and liberal arts, in order to dumb down our populace by convincing the Regents to take advantage of the pandemic to allow such insanity to “save money.” 

They have taken over both branches of our state Legislature, forcing through an election on a bigoted amendment to our state’s constitution in order to remove women’s rights before our very eyes. 

And they have pledged fealty to a one-term president, who barely got elected in the first place. 


Even many regular Republicans have been aiding and abetting a plan put in place in the Reagan era to undermine our public education systems in order to dumb down America so corporations could fleece the populace while paying them ridiculously low wages that could not possibly keep up with the rates of inflation. 

These scoundrels managed to move higher education out of reach for most Americans, first through exorbitantly high interest rates on student loans, then by making tuition so expensive that only the “elite” could afford a college education. When that did not work to suppress American desires to “pull themselves up by their bootstraps” toward better things through education, they are now undermining our very universities themselves. 

Wake up, Kansas. Do you truly want to live in an authoritarian regime wherein corporations hold sway over our government?