LETTER: Mask order

Randolph Oberlin/Leavenworth

To the editor:

It has been nearly eight weeks since the mandatory mask ordinance was extended in the city of Leavenworth. During that time we have had an additional 736 virus cases and five more deaths in the county. So 14 months into this so-called pandemic the totals are 6,525 tested positive, 201 hospitalized and 50 deaths. These are hardly earth-shaking statistics. I wonder how many have tested negative. Funny how we never see that number. For over a year, the public health experts have been telling us that masks, social distancing and restrictions on businesses would stop the virus from spreading.   

All of the measures we were told we had to follow were ineffective, unnecessary and unjustified. The CDC let one cat out the bag last August when they reported that less than 10% of the deaths were attributed to the virus alone and all the rest had at least two to three other serious medical issues. Dying with the virus is not the same as dying from the virus. Funny how the seasonal flu and the deaths from that virus have completely vanished.

Johns Hopkins University claims to be tracking all virus deaths. Apparently one of their departments didn’t get the word and reported several months ago that the overall death rate for the country in 2020 was barely changed from previous years. 

So when will we know when we can return to pre-panic life? Looks like never. Two masks are more effective than one. Now we have several vaccines out there. Even if you have been vaccinated we are being told to still social distance and keep restrictions on businesses. Maybe an annual booster shot will be needed. The list goes on and on. If you are so scared over this maybe you should go hide under your bed, but please leave the rest of us alone. The recovery rate is well over 99%. 

Sounds like the bureaucrats don’t want to return to normal. So when will public health utopia be achieved? Can it be achieved? It appears not. Are there any criteria that define what rates of infection would allow us to lift all restrictions? If so, would someone enlighten me as to where to find this information? My bet is that so-called experts are making it up as they go along. Once control is gained it will be very difficult to make the bureaucrats give it up. So as predicted, if you give up some of your freedom for appearance of safety, you will end up with neither.

Repeal the mandatory mandates now.