LETTER: Political antics

Ronald M. Wurtele/Leavenworth

To the editor:

For years I have been a staunch Republican, but now am questioning my motives for being one based on the antics of former President Trump and Rep. Proctor.

It ceases to amaze me that a certain representative can act in the manner that he does. I must ask why he thinks everything going on in Topeka is because of him? He makes a rebuttal comment in the Leavenworth Times that Sen. Jeff Pittman has not had one bill go through with his name on it. What about SB 131 which has Jeff’s name on it? It is on the governor’s desk awaiting signature. And this bill will help residents of Kansas, contrary to his comments.

Ego is one thing, working across the aisle to help Kansans is another. Is it not time to think about Kansans and not about oneself?

His political signs advertised more of the fact that he is a retired colonel. Who cares? I am a retired promotable LTC, and my uniform and ego went into the closet when I retired.

Perhaps it is time for more cooperation and work for the good of the people instead of attacking people and taking credit for everything whether it is done by that person or not.

I voted Republican across the board last time and Rep. Proctor got my vote. It will not happen again.