LETTER: Funeral bill

Ronald M. Wurtele/Leavenworth

To the editor:

On April 21, the Leavenworth Times published my letter titled “Political antics.” This letter expressed my opinion of the actions of Rep. Pat Proctor in Topeka, and it specifically addressed a funeral bill that would enable motorcycle riders to legally conduct funeral procession escorts in the state of Kansas.

As a result of my letter, I have received several Facebook messages from Mr. Proctor. He stated that it was he who got the ball rolling again on what then Rep. Jeff Pittman started in last year’s session with his funeral bill. And Jeff continued those actions this year as a senator with a Senate bill to support us.

Mr. Proctor accused me, on Facebook, of putting a knife in his back with my comments in my letter to the editor.

Well, Mr. Proctor, I will remove the knife from your back by saying thank you for your efforts in the House on this funeral procession protection for us. And that is as far as I will go. In my opinion, the opinion of my fellow bikers and some funeral home personnel, when Gov. Kelly signed SB 67 on April 21, this was a Jeff Pittman victory. It was his vision that got this started and he carried it through to fruition.

You also messaged me that you had to convince the Transportation Committee vice chair to roll the language into another bill to get it through. Really? The vice chair is a rider and was in favor of this all along.

And your comment to me that the House would not pick up the bill because Pittman’s name was on it is pure partisan politics.

The bottom line, in my opinion, is that when SB 67 was signed, regardless of whose name may or may not have been on it, it was a “Pittman” bill, not a Proctor bill. So, you may consider me pulling my “knife” out of you back for thanking you for your efforts and that is it. And as far as my comments about your ego, they stand and will never change.