RICH KIPER: How much will the next 100 days cost us?

Rich Kiper/Leavenworth
Rich Kiper

On Nov. 7, 2020, Democrat Chuck Schumer proclaimed: “Now we take Georgia, then we change America.”

Democrats did take Georgia and now President Biden has, in just over 100 days, initiated a radical agenda that has led to the border crisis, to a cancel culture to silence dissent, to spending at a rate unheard of in our country’s history and to policies that remove the roles of states, infringe on constitutional rights and insert government control of many facets of our lives. 

President Clinton’s declaration that “the era of big government is over” has been obliterated.

Beginning with the presidential campaign, Biden has used the theme of unity to bring the nation together. While speaking of unity, he unilaterally proposed legislation, enacted executive orders and signed into law policies that further divide the country rather than unite us.      

Democrats castigated President Trump for attempting to control the southern border. Now we see thousands of unaccompanied minors and adults crossing illegally and aliens spreading throughout the country without COVID checks. We hear stories from Border Patrol agents of rape and child molestation. We also can expect millions of illegal immigrants to be granted citizenship. We the people are paying $60M a week to house minors. 

Biden and his crew reject that there is an open border. Apparently, the aliens and the Customs and Border Control people didn’t get the memo.

Displaying authoritarianism rather than bipartisanship, in his first 100 days Biden signed 42 executive orders. Trump signed 32; Obama 19; Bush 11; Clinton 13. 

Biden calls Republican leaders to the White House to discuss legislation, but refuses to incorporate their recommendations.

He has proposed $6T in three main spending categories. 

The $1.9T American Rescue Plan got no Republican votes. An independent analysis concluded that 15% was unrelated to COVID.

Biden’s 2.65T infrastructure bill (American Jobs Plan) includes a new spending category known as “human infrastructure.” Estimates are that traditional infrastructure (bridges, roads, etc.) account for 6% to 50% of the bill. The remainder are “human infrastructure” social programs.

His plan includes $174B to promote electric cars and charging stations. Supposedly, buyers will get a tax rebate when buying the car. The plan is to use our taxpayer money to develop electric cars and then require us to buy electric cars that we may not want or may not be available for years. Democratic candidates were very clear that gas-powered cars would be forbidden. What a great deal for us!

The American Families Plan is a grab bag of government takeovers. For example, Biden says universal child care will cost $225B, but their own numbers actually come to $650B. If the government gets into the business of funding child care, the government can dictate facilities and programs. Do you want the government to dictate that or would parents rather have the say?

You don’t need child care? Too bad. You are paying for it anyway.

The plan provides 12 weeks of paid leave. How do businesses with only a few employees survive?

According to the Kansas City Star, restaurants can’t open because Biden is paying more in unemployment than employees made while working. Another brilliant Democratic policy.

Two years of free community college? Taxpayers who do not want to go to college get to pay for those who do.     

To pay for all of these plans, Biden continues the mantra that the wealthy must pay their fair share. Biden swears that only those making more than $400K will see their taxes go up. I guess Democrats really believe that. 

On May 3, Democrats proposed another minimum wage plan. Biden says the middle class will pay no additional taxes. As business costs rise, so too must the cost of goods and services to meet the additional minimum wage requirement. In effect, it is a hidden tax that will cost middle class America. The Tax Foundation estimates that new taxes may cost the loss of 542,000 jobs. Nope. Nothing to see here. 

Democrats assure us that new spending will not add to the national debt. In Democratland, inflation is not a concern. 

You realize that $68B is for schools that have not reopened and the funds do not have to be spent until 2023. How does that address COVID?

How much will the next 100 days cost us?

Rich Kiper is a Leavenworth Times columnist.