LETTER: Votes count

Roger F. Harrison/Leavenworth

To the editor:

I have read the local pundits and I have issue with the last one. The first 100 days of President Biden’s agenda is not radical from my perspective.

The border crisis is people wanting a better life for their families. They saw an American president who represents the words on the Statue of Liberty. Those words brought my forefathers and some of yours to escape oppression to this country. The present administration is having trouble handling it, but they admit to working on it. They inherited a weakened system and little transition assistance.

I do not understand “cancel culture to silence dissent,” unless they mean people who use the internet to incite violence, child pornography and/or schemes to swindle you out of money. Is that what they mean, or is it conspiracy theories? 

Spending is at a rate unheard of in this country. Defense budgets are way out of line. Of course, then take some funds out of that budget and use it to build the wall. President Biden knows, as we all know, we need to spend money to make money for the U.S. Treasury. Tax cuts for the rich? I pay taxes, Nike does not. My kids pay taxes, Amazon does not. Does that sound equal?

Policies that infringe on state’s rights, explain that one? I wonder if this has to do with voting? Easy fix. Give everyone a picture ID voter card to use for federal elections. Let the states handle their own.

I love the statement “enacted executive orders and signed into law policies that further divide the country.” That one takes the cake, as President Trump used that system 220 times and President Biden 42 times.

President Trump’s “Warp Speed” was well done yet the plan for distribution was lacking. President Trump’s lack of following the science and his admission on television that he knew of the danger goes to his lack of humanity. When he asked questions about using Clorox – not in jest – he showed his ignorance.

President Trump’s denial of transition assistance for Biden’s administration cost lives. Thank goodness President Biden made it No. 1 on his agenda and we are being rewarded with his diligence. 

As the list goes on and on, the author weighs in on each one. President Biden has asked for and weighs in on bipartisanship. He gets together both sides and wants to get things done. What do the Republican do? Sen. McConnell states that he will oppose anything that is proposed by Democrats. Now that shows country first, senator. What a laugh. Right now polls show 86% of the country says President Biden is doing a good job. It would seem to me if you were a Republican, you would want to compromise not stonewall.

We will see in the next election what happens to the Senate and the House of Representatives. Votes count just like the last election.