LETTER: Female athletics

Rich Kiper/Leavenworth

To the editor:

On May 3, 11 Democrats and three Republicans voted to sustain Democrat Gov. Kelly’s veto of SB 55 that would allow men identifying as women to participate in female athletics.

On May 14, the Leavenworth Times printed the results of a track and field event that included teams from Leavenworth, Lansing, DeSoto, Basehor, Shawnee Heights and Turner.

The Times compared the results of equivalent male and female events. For example: 100-meter dash – M-10.78 seconds, F-12.47 seconds; 200-meter dash – M-21.6 seconds, F-24.96 seconds; 400-meter dash – M-51.19 seconds, F-56.75 seconds; high jump – M-6 feet, 2 inches, F-5 feet; long jump – M-24 feet, F-16 feet, 7 inches; pole vault – M-11 feet, F-10 feet, 6 inches; shot put, M-53 feet, 10 inches, F-36 feet, 7 inches; javelin – M-154 feet, 3 inches, F-125 feet, 10 inches; 1,600-meter run, M-4 minutes, 27.72 seconds, F-5 minutes, 37.69 seconds.

Those results are the reason why men identifying as women should not be allowed to compete as women. Women are not competitive in athletics with men.

Democrats and three Republicans, however, don’t care whether their daughters and granddaughters can compete in athletics. It is incomprehensible that Democrats and some Republicans are willing to sacrifice their daughters and granddaughters on the altar of some misguided sense of equality or of Kansas losing money by boycotts. What these politicians are doing is despicable.