LETTER: Critical race theory

Donna Gillett/Leavenworth

To the editor:

A good thing which came out of schooling by virtual instruction was that America’s moms and dads now know critical race theory (CRT) was being taught to K-12 public school students. CRT is a racist theory – not a proven fact – that redefines our human history as a struggle between “oppressors” (white people) and the “oppressed” (everybody else).  

Recently, the Sentinel asked the Kansas State Department of Education if the state assessment tests will include CRT questions, but they have not received a reply. If you are a parent or taxpayer interested in the education of children in public schools, know that many states either have implemented CRT or have passed a ban against teaching it. In Kansas, some school districts are providing CRT training to school staff and board members. Since CRT information is easy to find, why use tax dollars for training, unless implementation is the plan? You have the right to know what your district will be teaching. 

CRT training of tax-paid government employees has been met with strong opposition. One opponent is Robin Steenman, a retired Air Force officer, who founded Moms for Liberty in Williamson County, Tennessee. At one of their meetings an immigrant woman from Thailand, married to a Caucasian, said their 7-year-old son suffered severe emotional disturbances after being lectured at school on oppressive whiteness. Until then he had been “color-blind.” Now he despises his “white half.” Tennessee has now banned teaching CRT. 

These additional states have banned teaching CRT: Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Iowa, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas and Utah, and others are considering a ban.

Schools almost missed this racist bullet after a report on CRT written by Christopher Rufo, founder and director of Battlefront, a public policy research center, was shown to then-President Trump. Trump issued an executive order banning CRT-based training programs in anything funded by our federal tax dollars. Regretfully, on the first day in office, President Biden rescinded that order. The 1990s identity-based Marxism is rife throughout academia and is now the default ideology in our public schools, teacher training programs, institutions, government agencies and corporations. It’s pervasive in our country’s culture. Moms for Liberty believe you, as grass roots citizens, will rescue our students from CRT.