LETTER: Critical race theory

Randolph Oberlin/Leavenworth

To the editor:

I have a question for all the Leavenworth school board members, teachers and administrators of the Leavenworth school district. Is critical race theory (CRT), in any form, being taught in our schools? Terms like diversity, equity, inclusion, anti-racism, implicit bias, systemic racism and racial sensitivity are really the same thing under a different name. If so, this indoctrination needs to be eliminated from the classroom immediately.    

As a review, critical race theory is an ideology:

- Racism/white supremacy exists everywhere, in every situation, organization, school, law, system and human relationship. 

- It demands that one should not ask whether there is or is not racism in a situation but how the racism manifests itself. Critical race theory insists racism must exist everywhere.

- Everything must be seen through the lens of race and people should not be judged as individuals but rather by their skin color.

- It demands every person bow to its ideology and become activists who must tear down everything around them.

- Any disagreement with or criticism of the ideology is seen as proof of racism. The same with any attempt to use objective evidence to disprove its claims. Critical race theory rejects the ideas of objective truth and meritocracy.

- Black people can never be racist no matter what they do or say, unless of course, they oppose or stand in the way of critical race theory.  

Critical race theory has crept into all aspects of education, even math in all too many places. Critical race theory views all disparities in outcome as prima facie evidence of discrimination caused by a systemic racism (whatever that means). 

It is pure Marxist propaganda in every way. It seeks to divide, not unite, and will teach children to hate, not just each other, but the country, themselves and all white people. 

The 1619 Project, developed by yet another Communist, is another example of another false narrative developed using the CRT lens and is more nonsense.  

The federal education department has proposed a rule that would prioritize grant applications to school districts wanting to include critical race theory, the 1619 Project and so-called anti-racism studies into their civics curriculum. What happens when they decide to withhold federal funding if school districts don’t sign up?

Teachers unions and activists have held rallies in 22 cities to support critical race theory and the organizers have made it clear the goal is to recruit students to far-left causes. Since when is it acceptable to recruit K-12 students into a political movement on school time?

So Leavenworth educators and school board members, what will it be – indoctrination or education?