LETTER: Put personal attacks aside

Mark Preisinger/Leavenworth

To the editor:

In all my years on the Leavenworth School Board and the City Commission, I have listened and/or heard from countless citizens on all sides of many issues. It is the job of an elected official to use their best judgment when voting. I fully realize there is passion on all sides of some issues so it is impossible to please all the people all the time. I have always been and will remain committed to making the best decisions for the overall good of Leavenworth and our citizens.

The City Commission elections are non-partisan, meaning no political party affiliation. There are now certain factions within the city attempting to make the election partisan. Some of the issues raised may be genuine, but there are issues being raised by some prominent people filled with incorrect facts, half-truths and patently false information. This faction seems to be intent on dividing our community rather than improving it. Differences of opinion can exist without devolving into the ugly politics of hate and lies we have seen during the recent national elections.

Leavenworth deserves better than this. Leavenworth continues to thrive and grow. The elected city leaders as well as many others in the community have contributed to that progress. Politics intended to divide us is not conducive to the betterment of Leavenworth. Let’s continue the progress and put partisanship and personal attacks aside.  

I am committed to running my campaign and fulfilling the obligations of my office in a dignified manner and with utmost integrity. I am available by phone at 913-775-2822 or email at markpreisinger@yahoo.com

The vast majority of Leavenworth citizens want office holders and candidates to carry out their duties with dignity and integrity. Leavenworth deserves dignity, integrity and honesty, not mud slinging and manipulated facts.

I have called Leavenworth my hometown for the past 59 years and I remain committed to making Leavenworth a better place to live, invest, work and raise a family.