Letter: Track records

Ken Bower/Leavenworth

To the editor:

While I do not know Mr. Hingula nor Mr. Martin, I feel compelled to write in response to Rep. Pat Proctor's recent letter of “enthusiastic endorsement” of these two candidates for Leavenworth City Commission.

Replacing current Commissioners Preisinger and Griswold with these gentlemen would be a mistake based on Rep. Proctor’s comments. Rep. Proctor is mistaken on a number of issues. While we can debate the pros and cons of the mask ordinance, the commission along with many other cities in the Kansas City metropolitan area passed such ordinances with the intent to control a public health crisis that was ravaging our country. I was frankly disappointed that the county did not do the same. “40 of our neighbors” protesting outside city hall does not carry much weight when hundreds of our other neighbors were sick or dying of the COVID virus.

Rep. Proctor also suggests that the current commission lacks transparency. I disagree. Mayor Griswold showed tremendous transparency and leadership by the numerous town hall meetings he conducted via Facebook Live during the height of the pandemic. He provided facts and information to the business community regarding the various programs the government was implementing to provide relief to those affected.

Rep. Proctor is apparently unhappy with the “ill-conceived” stormwater fee that has recently been implemented. Stormwater problems have been an issue in the city for years. It was a major focus some 20 years ago when I was serving. I wonder how much money we may have saved in implementing this program back then. You cannot ignore basic infrastructure problems, Rep. Proctor.

Rep. Proctor is correct on one point in stating that “local government – where the rubber meets the road – has the biggest impact on our daily lives.” This should remind us again that the commission is non-partisan. Let’s leave the politics out and vote for the best people. I will be voting for Griswold and Preisinger. They have a proven track record that I can support.