LETTER: Mill increase

Dave Landis/Leavenworth County

To the editor:

Thanks for the story on the 1.158-mill increase being considered in the upcoming 2022 budget for residents who only live in unincorporated county areas to pay for rural roads and bridges. A follow-up story in Friday’s paper reports that the commission favors a flat levy, but notes property owners could pay more if their property valuation increases. Regardless of the mechanism, the result for some in the county is the same – increased taxes for county road maintenance. 

County roads benefit everyone, similar to schools which are a cost everyone shares. These roads are also used every day by other citizens and businesses as well. Why should unincorporated residents be singled out? Furthermore, it may be possible to reduce costs by seeking efficiencies such as not using materials that require follow-up visits to maintain as happened on my street this year.  

I appreciate the work done by the commissioners and others to keep costs down while meeting county needs. Property taxes have already gone up significantly. Please make every effort to avoid adding the mill increase.

– Dave Landis/Leavenworth County