LETTER: Endorsing Griswold

Bill Yarrow/Leavenworth

To the editor:

Mike Griswold has always served those for whom he was responsible in the best way possible. Whether it was the soldiers of the battalion he commanded or the people of the city of Leavenworth who were his constituents. He is in his fourth year as a member of the City Commission of which he spent one year as mayor pro tem and one year as mayor. His experience and knowledge of the needs and requirements of our city and its people are outstanding. Though I have sometimes voted for those who brand themselves outsiders, I do typically prefer those with the experience of assisting in the governing of our city. If I was going on a cruise ship, I would hope that the captain had been to sea before.

On a personal note, many years ago I worked with and for Mike Griswold. During my military and civilian careers, I was fortunate enough to have worked for many excellent leaders and Mike was one of the best. When having to make very critical decisions, he used the time available to research the situation, seek comments and advice from his peers and subordinates and then make a decision which he felt was the best possible for all involved while ensuring accomplishment of the task at hand. I learned much from this that I used later in my career. I will be voting for Mike Griswold for City Commission as I hope others who read this will as well.

– Bill Yarrow/Leavenworth