LETTER: The right candidate

Robert Auerbach/Leavenworth

To the editor:

I was a leadership assistant professor at the United States Military Academy, West Point, New York. When I look for leaders who lead, I think of leaders like Commissioner Mike Griswold. He is a team-builder who sees through limitations and focuses on opportunity and potential.

I worked with Mike during the Army Leader Development Blue Ribbon Panel and observed his skill at building a team for a common goal firsthand. He is tireless in his efforts and relentless in his service. Mike led one of three of the most challenging efforts to explore the Army’s Leader Development process and was given soldiers and civilians, academics and business representatives who had never met, let alone worked together as a team. It was leadership, Mike’s leadership, that allowed his team to run at the highest levels of performance.

I have witnessed those same skills applied to his service on the Leavenworth City Commission only refined to a greater level. Mike understands what it means to unite an entire diversely skilled workforce into a singular combined effort to improve our quality of life while preserving our values and ideals. 

Our city and county need the best leadership our citizenry can provide during these very trying times. All elected officials, from the school board and City Commission to our state representative and senator desire a better Leavenworth. It requires working together, not divisiveness and disunity. Mike has demonstrated how well he understands that. There will always be differences of opinion. How we resolve those differences will determine the quality of the gains we achieve. United we stand, divided we fall.

What level of quality do you want for your family and your community? We want the highest we can achieve and that starts with reelecting Mike Griswold to City Commission. Leavenworth has improved dramatically over the last few years. Take a look around at the infrastructure improvements that have taken place. That is the result of sound leadership of people, both city employees and private business, and available resources. Mike’s leadership tenure on the City Commission as mayor pro-tem then as mayor provided the unifying leadership for those improvements. Mike is truly a professional and takes service to heart. He has not and will not rest on past accomplishments. Mike Griswold is the right candidate, right now.

– Robert Auerbach/Leavenworth