LETTER: School board candidates

Linda Schukman/Lansing

To the editor:

Unfortunately, there is a clear effort to push preconceived notions into the workings of the Lansing school board. 

As a retired English teacher of all high school levels, including advanced placement, I would never consider teaching in a district with board members who do not embrace data-driven decision-making. 

Instead, I prefer a willingness to consider all facts and keep an open mind when asked to make a decision.

I want board members to trust in my choices and delivery techniques within, of course, the Kansas Department of Education recommendations and requirements.

I want board members who have a concern for my safety and are protective of the time I need to prepare and grade student work.

I want board members who have a clear understanding of board etiquette and how decisions are made in a school district.

After listening to candidates speak at the forum held at Lansing High School recently, I believe there are several candidates who are willing to function this way, and there are some who clearly are not.

In alphabetical order, I heartily recommend voting for, and would be happy to teach for, any or all of the following candidates – Sean DeSousa, Roy Foster, Cheryl Runnnebaum, Carla Weigers and Susie Werth.

Please vote for school board candidates who will create a positive atmosphere for teachers. If teachers are distracted or disrupted by actions and attitudes of closed-minded board members, they cannot give their all to creating the best learning environment for Lansing students.

– Linda Schukman/Lansing