Letter: Support Preisinger

Thomas Ward/Leavenworth

To the editor: 

I'm writing this to encourage Leavenworth citizens to reelect Mark Preisinger to the City Commission.

I've known Mark for over 50 years. He has always displayed the merits of being an honorable man. He is intelligent and learns new things he needs to know to perform his duties as a commissioner.

When staff give a presentation or request a purchase of new equipment, he asks pertinent questions, usually to make the presentation more understandable to the average citizen who may have little or no knowledge about the issue at hand. He is respectful, even when challenged. Mark displays what is commonly known as "servant leadership".

Specifically, he serves all citizens by trying to resolve issues and conflicts and fulfilling the needs and wants of the general public. Obviously, very few decisions the City Commission makes are popular with all citizens, but the job of a commissioner is to make the hard decisions that they think are best, based on all the information they have available. He also tries to motivate city employees to perform their duties at their highest level of competency.

Lastly, during these trying times of COVID-19, proactive measures are needed to mitigate its impact and revenue loss associated with it. It's important that we utilize the institutional memory that has been established throughout the crisis. Relationships have been built with other cities' leaders, health officials and other organizations that took time and effort.

With the Delta variant emerging worldwide, and becoming prevalent in three states including Missouri, we need those outside relationships more than ever. Vote to reelect Mark Preisinger.

- Thomas Ward/Leavenworth