Letter: Worthy of your vote

Amy Reinhold/Leavenworth

To the editor:

I am writing this letter to the editor in support of a candidate for city commissioner that I feel is worthy of your vote. That candidate is Myron "Mike" Griswold. He is retired military and chose our community as his final stop. Since then, he has made a point of serving our community in many capacities. He has served since 2009 as the president of the USD 207 Board of Education and has facilitated many positive improvements for the Fort Leavenworth school community.

He has also served on the Leavenworth City Commission for the last four years which included serving as both mayor pro-tem and mayor of Leavenworth. During this time, he has had a progressive vision for our city and has helped to advance many projects that improved infrastructure as well as promoted our community for both tourism and economic development. We can see the evidence of this all around town.

If we want to continue to see our community grow and thrive, I am confident that, if reelected to the City Commission, Mike will continue to create a positive effect for years to come. I am excited to see the continued growth of our hometown under his positive leadership.

So it is that Mike Griswold will have my vote. I hope you will see fit to cast your vote for him as well. If you did not request a mail-in ballot, advance voting has begun at the County Courthouse, or you may vote in person on Aug. 3.

Amy Reinhold/Leavenworth