LETTER: Get out and vote

Maren Hart/Leavenworth

To the editor:

Have you voted yet? The year 2020 certainly illustrated just how important local elections are to the well-being of communities everywhere. In the current election cycle we are deciding who will represent us on the Leavenworth City Commission. We have the opportunity to make three choices for our local governing body. I humbly ask you to vote if you have not done so already and to consider me as one of your choices.

Like many of you, I never saw myself running for public office. Several years ago my husband and I relocated our household and our small business to Leavenworth to be near family and to escape the many problems that have overwhelmed California. As a third-generation Californian, I was very sad to leave my home state. In life, however, we must do what we must do.

Making Leavenworth our new home was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. To those of you who love Leavenworth as much as I do, you know why our community is worth fighting for. I will never flee my home again. Instead, I will work hard to make my hometown the best it can possibly be. I will fight to make sure that the people of Leavenworth are heard and represented by a transparent local governing body. I believe that you, my neighbors, know better than I what is best for you and your family. I believe that the City Commission’s role is to represent us, not rule over us.

Please vote in the primary election on or before Tuesday, Aug. 3 and then again in the general election on Nov. 2. This year it is so very important for us to get to know the candidates and to make the best choices possible. Thank you!

– Maren Hart/Leavenworth