LETTER: America as a republic

– Donna Gillett/Leavenworth

To the editor:

America was founded as a republic. Most citizens want to keep our constitutional republic as framed by our founding fathers in 1776. Parents and grandparents don’t want the leftists and Democratic socialists rewriting our history for their 1619 Project now headed to our government schools. University professors have promoted communism for decades. Parents slept.     

China was a republic before it became communist. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been persecuting followers of various religions for years. At the United Nations, a Chinese Catholic priest said, “The only religion allowed is faith in the CCP.” Atheism is OK.

The Falun Gong members practice meditative exercises and moral teachings centered around values of truthfulness, compassion and tolerance. That faith is practiced freely in more than 90 countries. American Christians would consider it a cult, but our government, so far, would not ban it or persecute followers.

On July 16, the Falun Gong faithfully marched down Constitution Avenue in D.C. for a candlelight vigil calling for the end to the 22-year-long persecution of their spiritual group in China. Can Americans relate to physical persecution for practicing religion?

Two years ago, the CCP launched a massive propaganda campaign to eradicate the Falun Gong. Millions were placed in detention centers, prisons, labor camps and brainwashing centers across the country. Many were subjected to torture, psychological abuse and organ harvesting. China’s huge market in human organs started with prisoners. Now most organs are from the Falun Gong faithful.

This writer subscribes to The Epoch News and therefore receives emails each day with factual news and barbarous photos of actual persecutions. This letter was difficult to write. But it is necessary to show parents and grandparents why they absolutely must inform their children not to buy in on socialism which leads to communism.

– Donna Gillett/Leavenworth