LETTER: Proud board member

Mike Carney/Leavenworth

To the editor:

This writing is in response to the comments made by the representative of 3,700 voters in the 41st District of Kansas, Mr. Pat Proctor, in the July 23 issue of the Leavenworth Times.

It was really a challenge for me to try and read what he was so proud of in his first legislative session. The thrust of his diatribe appeared to me as his desire to politicize the local school boards and city councils.

As a current member of the USD 453 Board of Education in Leavenworth, I can only speak for myself and I must say I was personally offended at this continuous ranting about needing good people on school boards and city councils. I firmly believe that we currently have good people on the school board of which I sit. As a member of the school board, we are responsible for making life-changing decisions for more than 3,000 students and nearly 500 certified and classified employees.

Implying that I am a bad board member has no merit and here is the reason why. He spews untruths about how dollars are spent on administrators and not in the classroom. I would invite Rep. Proctor to meet me at the board office and let the business manager show him the breakdown of funding for our district. I am sure he would get educated.

Secondly, show me the data on the skyrocketing property taxes by the school district that is driving numerous senior citizens from their homes. Most of the people in this community that whine about property taxes usually have too much property and in most cases too much money.

I have lived in this community my whole life as did three generations before me. I am a disabled veteran and most of my siblings served their country as well. I made a commitment at my graduation from the University of Kansas to give back to my community and I am proud to say I met that task on many occasions. I do not need to put my picture in the paper every week to show my involvement in the community as I am confident that the people who know me are aware of what I have accomplished and what I stand for.

And finally, as it is obvious from the many photos he has submitted of his involvement with Rotary, is it possible that he forgot the four-way test of the things you think, say or do? Do you tell the truth? Are you fair to all concerned? Will you build goodwill and better friendships? Are your words beneficial to all concerned? I think he better retake the test.

If he has comments about the school board’s decision to mask or not to mask, will he direct his same comments to the CAC commander if he imposes a mask mandate at Fort Leavenworth?

– Mike Carney/Leavenworth