LETTER: Disappointing letter

Rep. Pat Proctor/Leavenworth

To the editor:

This letter is in response to Leavenworth Board of Education member Mike Carney’s unexpected and disappointing letter that appeared in this paper on Thursday.

Mike Carney apparently took great umbrage to my guest column, despite the fact that it was clearly addressing the Lansing school district’s primary, which occurred last Tuesday. The fact that he had such a visceral reaction might indicate that he is guilty of holding some of the same objectionable views that voters in that school district roundly rejected Tuesday night, handing one incumbent a defeat and the other a distant sixth-place finish.

I am especially concerned that, as a sitting school board member who is about to decide how much our property taxes will go up again this year, Mr. Carney just told us in his letter that he believes some people “whine about property taxes” and “have too much property” or “too much money.” Does Mr. Carney believe it is his responsibility to redistribute that wealth on our behalf? Based on his consistent record of raising our property taxes, it appears he does.

I have not yet made a decision to endorse any candidate in the Leavenworth Board of Education race in November. But based on the views Mr. Carney just shared with us in these pages on Thursday, I definitely will not be voting for him. And I urge all of my neighbors, if you are tired of skyrocketing property taxes and are just as concerned as I am that Mike Carney sees it as his responsibility to wield property taxes as a weapon of social justice, don’t vote for him either.

Rep. Pat Proctor represents District 41 in the Kansas House of Representatives.