LETTER: Mask wearing

Gene Kirby/Lansing

To the editor:

I live in a free country and no one can make me wear a mask. Sound familiar? I suppose that “can’t make me” argument won’t get you very far if you want to drive 30 mph faster than the speed limit. Or you do not want to pay taxes. Maybe you do not really care if your favorite restaurant decides to not adhere to rules or mandates requiring them to follow strict health guidelines to keep you safe. 

For now, let’s put aside the argument about whether or not you can be made to wear a mask. Let’s talk about why you would not want to wear a mask, even voluntarily. I will concede at this point there are a few reasons why some people cannot wear a mask. I have several family members who are doctors, nurses and respiratory therapists. All work in hospitals. None have become lightheaded, fainted, taken in too much carbon dioxide or suffered brain damage. This despite wearing one and sometimes two face masks, all day, every working day. 

So many of us claim that we are a Christian nation founded on Christian values. Jesus Christ, son of God, lived a life of service to all. Jesus Christ was tortured and nailed to a cross so that we may live eternally in heaven. Jesus Christ healed the sick, raised the dead and fed the hungry – all as an example to show us how to live a Christ-like life. Have we become so selfish, self-centered, “it’s all about me” that we cannot be bothered by such a simple thing as wearing a mask? I claim to be no biblical scholar, but I wonder. What would God think of us today if he roamed the hospitals, saw refrigerated trucks to store the dead, visited with young children who have lost parents? All because so many of us cannot be bothered to wear a mask. I cannot help but think that his reaction would be one of disgust for our total disrespect, lack of empathy and compassion for our fellow human beings. I am reminded of the adage from years back, WWJD. I am betting, wear a mask.

– Gene Kirby/Lansing