LETTER: Open forum

Maren Hart/Leavenworth

To the editor:

Once again I am disappointed by the lack of respect that our local governing bodies have for the people of Leavenworth. I decided to run for office when I saw how the City Commission rushed the mask mandate through without giving the people adequate time to express their concerns and then finding excuses to refuse to give their legal petition due consideration.

Whether you believe that masks work or not, I believe we all agree that everyone has the right to be heard. What happened at the USD 453 school board meeting on Aug. 9 just reinforces my reasons for running. When the school board announced the agenda for the Aug. 9 meeting, those who wanted to speak were told that the deadline to sign up to speak had already passed – before the agenda was posted. This appears to be a deliberate attempt to limit parent and citizen input at the meeting. Mere hours before the meeting, permission to speak was given, allowing concerned citizens no time to prepare or for parents and citizens to even be notified that their voices would now be heard.

The actions of the school board and the City Commission were deliberate tactics to suppress the voices of the people and further a one-sided agenda. Our elected representatives on the Leavenworth school board had very obviously already made up their minds before the meeting and even planted relatives of school board members to give prepared, emotionally charged comments in favor of mask mandates. The superintendent and Mr. Potter put together a propaganda show that was demeaning and condescending.

The Leavenworth City Commission has three incumbents up for reelection who have refused to listen to the people. Fortunately, there are three strong conservative candidates running to replace them who will stand up for the people of Leavenworth. I am one of those candidates. On Nov. 2, please make your voices heard loud and clear.

– Maren Hart/Leavenworth