LETTER: School board

Ron Grossman/Leavenworth

To the editor:

This is in response to a letter sent by Mr. Mike Carney on Aug. 4 concerning the Leavenworth school board.

It is with great disappointment that I read this letter stating that we had good people on the school board. The current board president seeking a fifth term in office has only a quarter-million dollar salary to the superintendent and our children testing two grade levels below acceptable standards to show for his four terms in office.

Six of the seven board members disgracefully showed their disdain for the voters that put them in office by voting to disregard their wishes concerning a mask mandate. The vote had nothing to do with a mask mandate and everything to do with the board not caring about the wishes of those that elected them. 

This current board represents no one but themselves and I fear that if they are allowed to get away with lying to their constituents, the next vote by those six members will be to affirm CRT in the classrooms.

– Ron Grossman/Leavenworth