LETTER: God bless President Biden

Terry Campbell/Basehor

To the editor:

I, along with many, take offense to Mr. Kiper’s comment about the blood of those courageous military officers being on President Biden’s hands when President Biden is one of the most empathetic and compassionate presidents in our country’s history. He knows what it means and the danger it carries to those men and women he commits to do the jobs they enlisted for and took oaths to do.

I feel most presidents understand the responsibility, tremendous burden and sadness they place upon themselves to make those hard and complex decisions. Would it be fair to state the blood of the other 2,400-plus Americans that lost their lives in this two-decade war are on the hands of President Bush, President Obama and President Trump, all who wanted to end the war but didn’t?

Also, by ending the longest war in our country’s history, how many lives has President Biden saved? Would it ever have been a good time to withdraw from this war without the threat of danger to Americans or Afghan allies?

The answer seems to depend on what news media station you watch. It seems they always know more than our elected officials no matter what political party.

It’s sad and disheartening that the people of Afghanistan didn’t take advantage of the 20 years of military support, training and unlimited funding to develop a government able and willing to fight for their freedom from oppression.

If the colonists hadn’t shown the strength and willingness to sacrifice all when defeating the British in the Revolutionary War, there probably wouldn’t be a United States of America today.

Whether the Taliban will govern differently now is definitely questionable and remains to be seen. I feel confident they won’t be invited to Camp David.

President Biden has ended this war while running the country, fighting a global pandemic, an ongoing threat from climate change, building back our economy, rebuilding our infrastructure and now supporting Americans in states that have been devastated with natural disasters. It appears there are those who feel they can judge and do it better. 

I’m not one to Monday morning quarterback. I believe those individuals who feel the president doesn’t bear the burden of his decisions are sadly mistaken. He has shown his respect for our military, our law enforcement and all Americans time and time again. I can only imagine the heartbreak he felt when learning of the deaths of the men and women he authorized to help bring Americans home from Afghanistan. 

God bless all those who have given the ultimate sacrifice in this war. God bless America, God bless our troops and God bless and guide President Biden.

– Terry Campbell/Basehor