LETTER: School board election

Rep. Pat Proctor/Leavenworth

To the editor:

I am happy to report that the two City Commission candidates that I endorsed a few months ago, Edd Hingula and Griff Martin, won in the primary election. However, in the general election, we will be asked to vote not just for city commissioners, but also school board members.

In the race for Leavenworth school board, I enthusiastically endorse Alisa Murphy and Chris Eckley because we need to keep our kids in school and keep critical race theory out.

Two of the incumbents running this year, Carney and Darling, have been wrong on every issue throughout the pandemic. Darling voted late last year to return our kids to remote learning. He was thankfully overruled by the majority and the proof is in the results: none of the dire predictions from school administrators came to pass. Carney and Darling both voted recently for “situational masking” of our teachers and kids, which, despite administrator promises, has turned out to be a de facto mask mandate.

With looming questions like mandatory vaccines for faculty, kids and parents and reforms to our property tax system passed in Topeka this year that will give our school board greater power and responsibility in determining how much we pay in taxes, these two incumbents have proven that they can’t be trusted with this kind of power. We need school board members who will put the needs of kids, parents and taxpayers ahead of the desires of school administrators.

Alisa Murphy is the one incumbent in this race who has been on the right side of each of these issues over the last year and a half. She’s not afraid to challenge school administrators on behalf of children and parents. When the superintendent wanted to close schools last November, she kept schools open. When a principal tried to make parents get vaccinated to participate in events with their kids, she fought back. And a few weeks ago, she was the lone voice on the school board against making masks mandatory in our schools.

Alisa has been married to Marine Chris Murphy for 30 years. She’s a mother to five and grandmother to 12 children. Two of her children graduated from Leavenworth High School and her youngest child attends Leavenworth High School now. She has been active in the community, as a business owner and as president of the Leavenworth County Historical Society, among other activities. She wants to continue to serve us as a school board member.

Chris Eckley is a Navy veteran and was raised in a small town in the Midwest. Chris cares about Leavenworth and its future. That’s why he has been very active in the Leavenworth County Republican Party, fighting to get solid conservative candidates elected to office at every level.

Chris Eckley is running to keep critical race theory out of our schools. That’s why he has signed the 1776 Pledge to keep CRT and fake 1619 Project history out of Leavenworth schools. He has also been active in lobbying our school board to keep our kids in school and out of masks. He will continue to fight for these principles as our representative on the Leavenworth school board.

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that it’s local government – where the rubber meets the road – that has the biggest impact on our daily lives. We need city commissioners and school board members who will govern with transparency and reflect our will in local government. That’s why I’m voting for Edd Hingula, Griff Martin, Alisa Murphy and Chris Eckley on Nov. 2.

– Rep. Pat Proctor/Leavenworth