LETTER: Steady hand on the tiller

Ron Coaxum/Leavenworth

To the editor:

Mike Griswold is running for reelection to the Leavenworth City Commission. This is a good thing for the city of Leavenworth because Mike’s level-headed, analytical approach is just what we need in times like these.

Let’s be honest. The national political landscape is littered with minefields on both sides of every issue. But here in Leavenworth, we are not tied to the dysfunctional impasse that manifests in incessant mudslinging and little real progress. Unless we choose to be. 

A few local politicians have sought to capitalize on the fervor and patronage that exists in national politics. And who can blame them? Stirring up partisan passions can fill war chests, build instant name recognition and garner points in the polls. But in the long run, it hurts progress, stymies cooperation and can even foment violence and destruction. We don’t need that here in Leavenworth.

And that brings me back to Mike Griswold. Mike is level-headed, analytical, experienced and cool under fire.  He’s the steady hand on the tiller that we need in these troubled waters.  

Griswold led us through the COVID-19 crisis as it unfolded and reinvented itself. Mike worked with the city staff to vet state and local health recommendations, take preventive measures, adjust city services and administer the CARES Act – all to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all Leavenworth citizens.

Even before that, Mike has championed our community by working to fix streets and roads, repairing blighted properties, attracting and supporting local businesses and developing a long-range plan for economic growth and stability in Leavenworth.

I’m not saying national politics aren't important. But at the local level, I think we must model the cooperation we want to see at the national level. For that, we need local leaders who are level-headed, analytical and cool under pressure. We need Mike Griswold.  

Please get out and vote for Mike on Election Day Nov. 2 or at the County Clerk’s Office during the early voting period of Oct. 13 to noon Nov. 1.

– Ron Coaxum/Leavenworth