LETTER: CRT debate

Donna Gillett/Leavenworth

To the editor:

This is in response to the Times’ Sept. 18 headline on a story about the Lansing school board. The majority of members wisely voted that critical race theory (CRT) would not be taught in their schools. That this was even considered should be a heads-up to parents and grandparents about the effort to indoctrinate students.

CRT says that racism is total in our institutions and it functions to maintain white dominance. None of that is true. It is a slap in the face to America. It overlooks our Civil War where many died fighting to end slavery, all the work that abolitionist Abraham Lincoln and his friend Frederick Douglass did for Blacks and everything that Republican Martin Luther King Jr. accomplished.

Socialist woke critical race theories promoted tearing down the Frederick Douglass statue, revisionist history and substituting “equity” which means make everyone the same whereas “equality” means give everyone equal opportunity which is capitalism.

It’s time for people who are rearing children to pay attention to what Democratic Socialists, leftists, are implementing in schools at all levels, workplaces and even in churches. CRT divides races and hurts everyone.

Board member Cheryl Runnebaum said CRT is something discussed at law schools and other universities. Then what is it doing in K-12 schools across America? She is correct about CRT being one of many critical theories, but her statement that what you choose to believe about it is wrong because in ages 5 through 17, it is pure indoctrination.

Runnebaum’s statement that the people who are best suited to review curriculum and make recommendations are the people teaching it. No. Wrong. When stepping outside of the basics, the best people are the parents. The people who teach are paid by the parents. Parents must be very involved with what their children are being taught. Let it be known that no cancel culture critical theories are going to be accepted.

– Donna Gillett/Leavenworth