LETTER: Fourth Street traffic

David Nelson/Leavenworth

To the editor:

Fourth Street could be changed from a four-lane to a three-lane road, including a center turn lane. This is an outstanding idea and worthy of further consideration.

My concerns are two-fold. First, the three stoplights on Fourth Street need to be reprogrammed. It is not uncommon that a car stopped at Shawnee Street will not make all three lights without speeding. If the city could make the lights go slightly longer, there would be much less congestion.

Second, in the past, when the city of Leavenworth mandated semi trucks to Second Street, the roadway was not in such need of repair as it is now. The trucking going directly down Fourth Street cannot be good on the roadway. During that period, there was far less congestion and much less city property damage, such as when the oversized semi truck recently took out a light pole.

– David Nelson/Leavenworth