LETTER: Political civil war

Terry Campbell/Basehor

To the editor:

Here we are more than a century and a half after a civil war that divided our country, uprooted and destroyed lives of Americans, turned family against family and friends against friends and have learned nothing during the 160 years. Not only do we have race and treatment of others as an issue to argue about, we also have a pandemic, the economy, foreign affairs, nuclear threats, masks, vaccinations and on and on. We are in a political civil war which reached a boiling point Jan. 6, 2021.

I’m not writing this with any answers or solutions but a personal observation of the condition of our country. When did we lose respect for the office of political officials, not the person, but the office? I used to enjoy politics when political candidates could discuss and present their positions and why they are the best qualified to serve in each office.

Then, after the election, citizens seemed to work with the office holder to better their community, state or nation for all Americans until time for the next election.

When did it turn from a candidate presenting his or her credentials, viewpoints and plans to criticizing, degrading, creating dirt and downright lying about their opponent to make themselves look better? As Americans, are we not better than that?

Again, I have no answers, but for this American, I will do my best to show respect for the office of our elected officials, but more importantly my respect for all Americans to have their opinions if they can be expressed without degrading or lying about others with a different opinion. Civility and respect may be a start to a solution.

– Terry Campbell/Basehor