LETTER: Kudos to doctor

Yong Stevens/Leavenworth

To the editor:

Dr. Peter Cristiano is an outstanding local physician. He goes way beyond the call of duty. One Friday evening a copperhead snake bit my foot.

After 2.5 hours at the local Urgent Care facility, they sent me to Providence Hospital to be monitored overnight. I received only mild pain medicine. This was not satisfactory.

The next day was Saturday and I limped into the office of Dr. Cristiano. He looked at my swollen toes, foot and leg and my shiny skin. He wrote a prescription for stronger pain pills and arranged for me to be admitted to St. John Hospital early the next morning, a Sunday.

A special nurse put a temporary stent in my arm so I could come there to get 13 daily infusions to treat my leg for the venom. I believe this treatment lowered my risk of muscle tissue damage.

That isn’t all. He met me at St. John and got me a temporary permit to park closer to the hospital. Then he arranged for me to be taken to my car in a wheelchair.

Dr. Cristiano is a very warm person who shows he really, really cares about a patient. He listens to his patient. I’ve understood he is known as the best diagnostician, but he also knows the best and proper treatment. He has a bedside manner that assures the patient of her care. I’ll never forget all he did for me. I thank God for Dr. Cristiano and the St. John Hospital staff.

– Yong Stevens/Leavenworth