Cruising around on the book of faces

Sandy Turner
Sandy Turner

Apparently those of us who frequent Facebook are now considered old geysers. The new social media platform is Instagram or Snapchat. I can’t keep up with all of it, but I’m sure that’s their plan.

I enjoy Facebook and being able to see everyone’s kids and grandkids, recipes, tips, tricks and quotes of the day. I like being able to keep track of people I don’t talk to very often but who hold a special place in my heart. Although it’s nearly eliminated the need for overdue phone calls or handwritten letters, I do enjoy my group of Facebook friends, some who live close, and some far away, from across the states to across continents, who I can communicate with at my own convenience.

Facebook amuses me and sometimes shocks me into realizing I am old. I’m not sure what to think about posts from people saying, “Do you remember this?” with a picture of an old casserole dish or Christmas decor which I not only still own, I still use.

It’s not surprising I can’t figure out how to use Instagram successfully since it took me a year to be able to do more on Facebook than just read the posts. I was making fun of a friend, 15 years my senior, for not knowing how to reply all on an email, but it’s really not that funny when I think about my inability when it comes to anything new in the techno world.

The amount of time between visits to the hair doctor to get the gray covered is getting shorter and shorter. The gray is coming in faster and stronger and seems to be resilient to coloring products or hair spray as they proudly stick up, all crooked and coarse, like they own the place. It’s a losing battle but I refuse to give up. Don’t even get me started on the age spots, or the hundreds of products that claim to make them disappear. I’d like to see the movie stars who film these commercials without a drop of makeup on, and then let’s talk about the miracle product they’re endorsing.

Even though I can’t defy what gravity is doing to my body or deny the fact I’m getting forgetful, being a senior does have its advantages. Time is on our side now. We can do crazy things like binge watch the entire series of “Breaking Bad” or spend two hours making a fancy dinner just for the two of us. Watching our adult children chauffeur kids to this practice and that lesson or struggle with the new math method being taught in elementary schools is entertaining in itself.

The winter months will throw me off my game a little since I’m stuck inside, although this year I’m just going to give in to the senior mode. I may even take up crochet or bird watching. I’d rather be four-wheeling or ice skating, but it’s now a matter of convincing my mind, the body can’t handle it anymore.

Maybe I’ll just binge watch some Extreme Sports shows and call it good.

Sandy Turner lives in Independence, Missouri. Email her at sandydownhome@hotmail.com