LETTER: Endorsing Griswold

Bill Yarrow/Leavenworth

To the editor:

I have written several letters to the Times in support of Mike Griswold over the years. I do this because Mike is not one involved in self-promotion. Instead, he depends on those of us who think so highly of him to pass our respect and care for him, something he does not like to push himself.

Mike and I go back decades. I worked with and for Mike some years ago and was always impressed with his leadership and decision making policy. Before making a critical decision, Mike always depended on three principles – research, discussion and agreement. During my time with him, he always came up with the right decision. He is not tied to party politics but just does what he believes to be right for his constituents.

His background is filled with excellent experience. He served as an Army officer for 30 years around the world. He has been a school board president, a board member of a large company and a manager of a government contract team. Most recently he has served almost four years as one of our city commissioners, spending one year as mayor. During his time in city government, he has worked to improve our city’s infrastructure, bring more business to the city and keep our police fully funded. I believe that Mike is the right guy for reelection to the City Commission in November. All should vote in November and I hope many of you vote for Mike.

– Bill Yarrow/Leavenworth