LETTER: Be sure to vote

Jacqueline Lightcap

To the editor:

Election day for local government and school board races is Tuesday, Nov. 2. Many decisions profoundly affecting our lives will be made by those we choose by our vote.

Learn about your candidates through your newspaper and virtual candidate forums online. Find your polling place at VOTE411.org. Read what some candidates have to say about the issues at “Find Your Races” on VOTE411.org. The non-partisan questions were posed by the League of Women Voters.

Call your county election office to get a mail-in ballot or apply online at KSvotes.org. You can mail your ballot or hand carry it to your election office. Also, check with your county election office for advance voting hours.

Have your government-issued photo ID when you go to vote. For a list of acceptable IDs, visit lwvk.org. To get a free Kansas photo ID, go to http://www.gotvoterid.com/.

If you do not have your ID with you at the polls or are not on the voter rolls as registered, you must be offered a provisional ballot. Contact your election office immediately after Nov. 2 to see what you can do to increase the chances of your provisional ballot being counted.

Make a plan now to exercise your right to vote.