LETTER: Campaign info

Kelly Butler/Leavenworth

To the editor:

I would like to set the record straight regarding Dan Clemons’ letter to the editor on Oct. 14 because his information is inaccurate and undermines the good work of the League of Woman Voters (LWV). I am very disheartened that a fellow veteran would compromise his integrity and use my name in an attempt to delegitimize a civic organization to further his own political agenda. With 24 years in uniform myself, I hoped that all veterans internalized the Army values for life. That is why Mr. Clemons’ letter and its content are a complete surprise. To clarify, our communication was all by email. We never spoke on the phone nor have I ever met or talked to him. I never belittled my organization, never spread rumors and certainly never lied to him as he claims.

My mission was to assemble information for candidate pamphlets for voters to use, which are on the LWV of Leavenworth County Facebook page, and all information was provided from the candidates themselves. In corresponding with 39 candidates in the upcoming election, I am completely impressed with the quality of candidates running throughout the county – really amazing people. And I hope every voter can take some time to research and vote for the best.

I can only assume that Mr. Clemons feels the information from voter pamphlets, social media and LWV forums is not favorable to candidates he supports and his letter to the editor was an attempt to invalidate LWV information. The LWV is a non-partisan organization that does not support any candidate, but is committed to voter information and voter education. We do our very best to ensure our messaging and actions are in keeping with these goals. I invite Mr. Clemons to join us at our next meeting to get to know our all-volunteer, diverse organization before disparaging it. 

– Kelly Butler/Leavenworth