LETTER: Love for Leavenworth

Rimsie McConiga

To the editor:

I support Mark Preisinger for reelection to the Leavenworth City Commission for many reasons, but first and foremost, because he genuinely cares about his community.

He is committed to helping Leavenworth grow and thrive and he knows that bringing new businesses to our community will not only add jobs and sales tax revenue, it will encourage our current residents to stay in Leavenworth.

What has most impressed me about Mark is that he fully researches and studies every issue the commission deals with. After listening to some other candidates running for the commission speak about all the things they will do for Leavenworth if elected, I was struck by how simple they made it sound to solve any of the challenges the city faces at the snap of their fingers.

Mark knows that challenges to our community require a full-time, well researched and cooperative effort among our City Commission members. It’s not easy, but they have proven it can be done.

As Mark has stressed, Leavenworth is adequately funded with sales tax, property tax, franchise fees, etc., but proper stewardship of these funds is key to enticing more people to live, work, invest and raise a family in Leavenworth.

Blighted areas are being rehabilitated and new businesses are moving into the city. We can now host huge festivals like Camp Leavenworth that bring in people from around the country, and we can offer them lodging in a number of new hotels, while our retail businesses benefit tremendously.

Mark’s primary goal is to protect the health and safety of our community members.

Research done by University of Kansas scholars shows that COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths significantly lowered after the mask mandate was put in place. Mark and his fellow city commissioners were committed to keeping Leavenworth residents safe.

He also supports properly funding and supporting our police department and believes the city should not cut corners when it comes to funding our police protection. His aims are also to increase mental health services and ensure there is access to homeless facilities and affordable housing for low-income residents.

After 55 years of knowing Mark, he has always been consistent in his love for Leavenworth and its people.

Often I hear stories from other people in the community about needing personal help of some kind and how Mark and his wife, Joanne, come to their aid. Those are stories that would never be heard or known if the people hadn’t mentioned them.

Helping and caring for community members shouldn’t be a political tool.

Vote for Mark Preisinger.

– Rimsie McConiga/Leavenworth