LETTER: Reject the lie

Norman D. Greczyn

To the editor:

I am a registered Republican and a military veteran. Donald Trump lost. Get over it. No more absurd audits, frivolous lawsuits or other actions wasting the taxpayers’ money. Stop trying to restrict the vote, especially of minorities. Republicans throughout the land need to get on board with the process of helping the American economy and our fellow citizens.

As for me, I need to get over the fact that the Republican Party I joined many years ago is dead. You remember, the one with conservative values as well as a moral compass, a sense of right and wrong, one that would never even think about becoming a personality cult, beholden to one person, Donald Trump, and taking whatever actions necessary, including breaking the law, to support him. That party I knew and respected no longer exists. Still, one can hope.

If you are planning on running in any upcoming elections over the next couple of years, for any positions from the local level on up through the national levels, you need to reject the lie that the 2020 election was rigged and that Donald Trump really won. What happened Jan. 6 was not only a grave threat to our Constitution and our republic, but also a national embarrassment to our nation, a despicable disgrace and one that was viewed by the entire world. If you are unwilling to renounce that lie, then I will renounce you and will work actively to undermine your campaign, every chance I get, and any way I can. Trust me.

If this causes you as a Republican to examine your conscience and take some action, then it has had the desired effect. There are organizations out there, the Lincoln Project, and numerous other Republican groups, that could use your support. You owe it to the republic, the Constitution and to the American people.

– Norman D. Greczyn/Leavenworth