LETTER: Conservative candidates

Pat Davidson

To the editor:

I recently received an election flyer from the conservative candidates. I can only assume that they call themselves the conservative candidates because this election is supposed to be non-partisan and they believe that Republicans can hide if they call themselves something else.

However, it does bring up something that bothers me every time I hear the terms conservative and liberal used when referring to political entities. Now, from what I see, conservatives are pro-life, at least until the child is born, then the child and parents are on their own with no financial or medical safety net to nurture that life. Conservatives also seem to be concerned with welfare, because that is socialism, unless it is corporate welfare going to businesses.

Conservatives appear to be very upset about a rigged election system, although evidence of this rigged system seems almost nonexistent, and it seems like conservatives at the state level seem to be doing their darnedest to rig the congressional candidate boundaries.

I think they should pay attention to a part of government which does seem like it is rigged, the tax code, which seems to benefit the wealthy and business over wage earning folks.

I really appreciate the conservative candidates sending me this flyer because it shows me who I do not want to vote for.

– Pat Davidson/Leavenworth