LETTER: School board elections

Paul Conway

To the editor:

Quite a few people are running for local school boards, which is a good thing. School boards, city and county government should be about the wise stewardship of resources, doing what is best for the institution and preparing for the future. Essentially these positions should be above politics, certainly political agendas.

I fear this is not the case. It seems that some candidates are in it to advance their political careers and ideology. Case in point is the current brouhaha about critical race theory which is not taught in the public school system.

The real reason for the attention is that any examination of racism in America makes some white people uncomfortable. There is more to racism than “We cater to white trade only” stores and separate but unequal schools. Racism did not disappear after 1965. Admitting that racism is part of American life, planned or not, goes against the myth of American perfection. So the question for all potential school board members should be how to address the issue in schools.

Masking in schools is another indicator. Let’s be honest. COVID-19, especially the delta variant, continues to kill because some people refuse to get vaccinated or take any precautions to limit the spread. Children who can’t yet get vaccinated may be less susceptible to COVID-19 but some still get infected and sometimes die. Masking is an effective protective measure even if it upsets the fragile sense of personal freedom and evasion of responsibility felt by Trumpists.

So the question to all potential school board candidates should be how to slow the spread of COVID-19 in schools.

– Paul Conway/Leavenworth County